These Rolling Door Openers Are Ready To Be Sent To India

- Aug 19, 2019-

These are rolling door openers. Designed to lift rolling doors, our rolling door opener is efficient, powerful and stable. The range of max. lift is from 300kgs to 1500kgs. You can choose different type with different max.lift  according to your door weight. And the features are as follows:

*High intensity alloy steel gear

*Unique mechanical brake, guarantee absolutely safe and immediate brake on power cut

*Superior anti-fall safety device avoids the damage and injury in case of chain break

*Easy-adjusted limit switch enables the precise operation

*Stable and quiet drive system

*Over-heat, over-voltage, over-current protection

*Release chain on power failure

After 10 days of production cycle, these rolling door openers ordered by our regular customer will be sent to India by sea today.