Three Major Influencing Factors Of Access Control Gate System.

- Dec 06, 2018-

As a smart access control channel, its system is much more complicated than the traditional access control channel, and the factors affecting its function are naturally more. There are three main aspects:

1, design style

The high-end pedestrian passage needs to integrate the product safety, modern and simple design concept with the architectural environment and architectural style; the line is mainly streamlined design, which reflects the simple and comfortable style, and the material uses more glass and stainless steel. Stylish and transparent design, consistent with the style of intelligent building construction; and high-end pedestrian channel products have significant differences in metal surface processing, including surface wire texture processing, bending angle accuracy, between different parts The accuracy of the gap and so on.

2, the advancement of the movement

The advanced nature of the channel gate movement directly affects the long service life and operating conditions of the gate. If the latest ARM control technology is adopted, a new product is realized by industrial-grade control processing. It has the characteristics of no noise during operation, stable operation, no mechanical wear and long service life, and the whole product starts during operation. It is very smooth with the shutdown and can quickly achieve the brake lock.

3, intelligence

For example, the wing gate has an automatic reset function. When the switch is not open within the specified time after the switch is turned on, the system will automatically cancel the user's permission for the pass. The standard is automatically reset 5 seconds after the start. The intelligence of the wing gate is also reflected in the fact that the channel is automatically opened after the wing gate is powered off, and the power is automatically closed. The wing gate also has a line self-checking function, which can be discovered in time after a fault, which greatly protects the service life of the wing gate.