Three-wing Revolving Door Structure

Three-wing Revolving Door Structure

Date:Feb 10, 2020

The three-wing revolving door is composed of three parts, namely: fixed frame, central shaft assembly and rotating assembly. Each component is described in detail below.

(1) fixed frame.

The fixed frame is composed of upper support components and columns, upper and lower wharfs and fixed hanging plates. The upper support assembly is composed of a cap, a plurality of beams, a plurality of support plates and a bracket connected by screws and nuts. Columns and upper and lower wharf when fixing the foundation of the frame. Curved wall glazing is also installed between the upper and lower wharves and columns. The ceiling plate is mounted on a fixed frame.

(2) rotate the assembly.

The rotating assembly is composed of door closers, exhibition boxes, rotating ceiling and door assembly. The rotating assembly is used for opening and closing doors.

(3) center shaft assembly.

The center shaft assembly is the driving system of the automatic revolving door, which is the driving mechanism to start and close the automatic door under the control of the electric control system. It is composed of decelerating motor and driving mechanism.

Because the design history of the mechanical structure of three-wing automatic revolving door and four-wing automatic revolving door is the same, the main structure composition is the same, but the number of door components is different, the shape of the exhibition box is different, so the three-wing automatic revolving door is not introduced in detail, only the structure of the four-wing automatic revolving door is discussed in detail.

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