What Are The Advantages Of Fingerprint Door Locks?

- Jul 17, 2019-

Technology has slowly become more and more advanced, and people's lives have begun to become intelligent. In the past, people installed mechanical locks on the door, and many people went out and forgot to bring the keys, which is very troublesome. Nowadays, many people follow the wave, the fingerprint door locks are installed on the door, and more and more homes have fingerprint locks installed, which makes people no longer have to worry about forgetting the keys. What are the advantages of fingerprint locks?

1, security

The old-fashioned mechanical lock principle is simple. For a skilled thief, the base has no protection. The use of "biometric identification skills; smart door locks are more secure, fingerprints are the same as DNA, with only features that cannot be copied, no one can open the door except the owner.

2, convenience

Many people in modern society will encounter the work of forgetting to take the key or lose the key. If the above situation occurs, they will need to spend money to unlock the lock from the beginning. It will take more time and cost. The method of opening the door of the smart door lock only requires your fingerprint, and you will never worry about showing the situation that you can't enter the door with the key.

3, intelligent

Home decoration may replace the babysitter, or come to relatives to live, this time annoying is the need to replace the lock core or key. With smart door locks, you only need to enter new members from the beginning or delete the identity of some members. It is very simple and safe.