What Are The Characteristics Of The Swing Turnstile?

What Are The Characteristics Of The Swing Turnstile?

Date:Nov 26, 2018

What are the characteristics of the swing trunstile? The swing trunstile relies on intelligent management to greatly improve the speed and convenience of our passage. Compared with other gates, the swing trunstile is a security fast-track gate suitable for most people. Let us talk about the characteristics of the swing trunstile.

1. Wide range of uses

The swing trunstile can be combined with face recognition, fingerprint recognition, two-dimensional code recognition and other identification methods. In addition to channel management, it can also be used for corporate attendance, scenic spot charging, community access control, campus ticket checking, etc. Prevent people from entering and leaving at will, reduce safety hazards, and at the same time, statistic personnel can enter and exit, facilitate management, and improve the image of the venue used.

2. Safe and convenient

In the current era of the Internet, the swing trunstile also incorporates the convenience of the Internet. It can be directly set and managed remotely. The swing trunstile can not only open the gate, but also meet the management requirements of firefighters, providing us with daily life. Good security measures, its anti-collision ability, and more effective protection for our personal safety.

3. Automatic reset

In order to safely and accurately match the passage of pedestrians, the gates are set for a certain period of time. If the pedestrian swings within the specified time, the system will automatically close the swing gate and cancel the passage permission.

4. Easy to maintain

Due to the use of the channel gate, it is necessary to cooperate with the control board. Many control boards are equipped with self-checking function. When the swing gate fails, the control panel will start the fault self-test and the alarm prompt. This feature is convenient for the user's repair and maintenance work.

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