What Are The Special Features Of Automatic Doors?

What Are The Special Features Of Automatic Doors?

Date:Aug 05, 2019

 Function 1: The door is mechanized and automated, and the operation is safe and reliable. The opening and closing of the door realizes the motor drive, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and traffic efficiency of the entry. Thanks to the advanced control technology and safety protection measures, the access door is safer and more reliable.

      Function 2: The sealing performance and energy saving performance of the door. The automatic revolving door is open to the door regardless of the position to be turned, and is closed inside the door, thus reducing heat loss, reducing dust intrusion, increasing airtightness and saving energy. Other types of automatic doors also increase the airtightness and energy-saving performance by quickly closing the door automatically and adjusting the door opening width.

      Function 3: The automatic door enhances the beautification function of the building decoration. Because the automatic door is widely used in new designs, new decorative materials and new processing techniques, its shape and structure and the building will be more coordinated, more matching, and enhance the building beautification function.

      Function 4: The automatic door can meet a variety of special functions. Automatic doors with a variety of special functions are available according to different applications and different needs. For example, various forms of revolving doors, foldable automatic revolving doors, folding automatic doors, retractable patio automatic doors, and the like. These automatic doors are created to meet special needs.

      The various functions of automatic doors make our life more convenient and faster. With the development of technology, the innovation of automatic doors is also inevitable, and the application industry is becoming more and more extensive, which will gradually become an indispensable part of our life. portion.

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