What Is An Electric Sliding Door?

What Is An Electric Sliding Door?

Date:Dec 19, 2018

The electric sliding door is a kind of sliding door, which can recognize the action of the person approaching the door (or some kind of entry authorization) as the control unit of the door opening signal, open the door through the driving system, and automatically close the door after the person leaves, and The process of opening and closing the process to achieve control.

Main features: electric sliding door is generally flexible, wide span, light weight, no noise, sound insulation, heat preservation, strong wind resistance, easy operation, stable operation, not easy to damage, widely used in industrial plants, warehouses, docks, hangars Other places: According to different needs, it can be designed as hanging or ground. There are two modes of operation: manual and electric.


1. High-efficiency motor with worm gear drive, large starting torque, fast switching speed, quiet operation and long service life.

2. Anti-strong wind obstruction, when the automatic door is in the process of closing, if the external strong wind obstructs the door leaf, the control system will perform automatic power correction to improve the motor torque.

 Force the door leaf to close.

3. Automatically return when encountering the obstacle. When the door encounters obstacles caused by people or objects during the closing process, the control system will automatically reverse according to the reaction, and immediately open the door to prevent the occurrence of pinch events and mechanical damage, improve the safety and use of the automatic door. life.

4. The motor unit is equipped with a self-locking function, which makes it easier to control the flow of people in and out and improve safety.

5. The use of the remote control switch can more easily adjust the operation mode of the automatic door, which is convenient and practical.

6. Standard configuration can be connected with a variety of additional accessories, suitable for the needs of various occasions, PU guide wheel design, so that the door fan operation is more quiet and stable.

7. User-friendly design, the door leaf can be adjusted between half open and full open, and there is a switching device to minimize the airflow outflow and save air conditioning energy.

8. Program switch The wireless remote control switch makes the use of the automatic door more convenient, and the simple operation can realize the conversion of various traffic modes.

9. Good modular design makes construction, installation and commissioning very convenient and fast.

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