What Is The Difference Between An Automatic Door And An Electric Door?

What Is The Difference Between An Automatic Door And An Electric Door?

Date:Dec 21, 2018

Many people think that automatic doors and electric doors are the same, but in fact these two are different things. The theoretical understanding of the automatic door should be an extension of the concept of the door, the function of the door, and it is developed and perfected according to the needs of the person. The automatic door refers to a control unit that moves the door closer to the door (or enters the authorized control unit) to open the door, opens the door through the drive system, automatically closes the door after the person leaves, and realizes the process of opening and closing the control system. 


Automatic door

Automatic doors After the twentieth century, automatic doors began to be used on buildings. In the late 1920s, the US opened its supermarket and automatic doors began to be used. By 1962, electrical styles had begun to appear, and with the development of cities, the field of automatic door technology has increased every year. Initially, it is very difficult to control the speed of the motor by supplying power to the building. The speed can only be controlled by oil pressure and air pressure, but the energy utilization efficiency is very low. However, with the development of electrical control technology, the electrical control technology is now mature. The electric automatic door that directly controls the motor has gradually become the mainstream. For example, various automatic special doors with identifiable controls, such as automatic sensing doors (infrared sensing, microwave sensing, touch sensing, foot sensing), automatic card swipes, and the like. The automatic door adopts microcomputer intelligent controller, motor, track, belt, spreader, sensor, and can realize the access control attendance function can be selected: fingerprint attendance, credit card attendance, fire linkage and so on. Generally used in the entrance and exit of high-end buildings such as hotels, office buildings, and bathing centers. Automatic door Advantages of the automatic door: 1. The top is equipped with a laser ceiling light and a manual control switch. 2. The top of the door leaf is sealed to prevent dust. 3. With automatic rotation mode and semi-automatic manual operation. 4. It has a high windproof effect and can greatly improve the indoor environment of the building. 5. It has the function of stopping the predetermined position, which is beautiful and easy to pass. Electric door, also known as "electric retractable door" or "electric folding door", is divided into ordinary electromechanical integration type according to "electric", intelligent integrated type, intelligent integration is only the update of the electric body, intelligent integration The development of the bus is the intelligent integration of the bus type, the update of the power components, the use of the frequency converter, and the frequency conversion type. Electric door function and features: 1. In the use and control, there are manual and automatic control systems, which can meet the user's requirements for opening and closing industrial doors. 2. In terms of convenience, it is easy to open and close the sliding door manually, because 90% of the weight of the door has been balanced by springs or heavy hammers. These springs are scientifically calculated according to each door. Formulated. 3. Safe and reliable type, when the door is closed, the door body is anti-blocking, the air sense safety side rebound function, or the infrared sensor function. When encountering resistance or obstacles, the door control system will automatically rebound the door body to avoid the card person. There was an accident in the truck. The automatic door automatic door has now selected the induction function. The automatic door configuration is equipped according to the requirements of use. The door opening signal of the automatic door is the contact signal, the microwave radar and the infrared sensor, and the reaction speed is also fast, if the electric door If there are people in the attachment, the automatic door will be closed and it will have a good protection for the door machine. Try to avoid the occurrence of a missed pinch or stuck event.

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