What Kind Of Safety Guarantee Can The Temperature Control Device Of The Door Opener Play?

- Dec 05, 2018-

For all kinds of communities, business parks, industrial areas, etc., a variety of door openers are used. For most door openers, a special temperature-controlled release device is provided, which is a new type of device, including the bottom plate. , slider, temperature control glass ball, spring, etc.

What kind of safety guarantee can the temperature control device of the door opener play?

    The utility model is characterized in that: the bottom plate is fixed on the bottom surface; a spring is arranged between the bottom plate and the sliding block; the temperature control glass ball top is abutted between the blocking abutting block provided on the bottom plate and the blocking abutting block provided on the sliding block; one end of the steel wire soft rope The nut is pressed against the slider and the other end is fixed to the main body brake hook. This device can solve the shortcomings of the temperature control release device of the fire shutter door machine, and can automatically start the fire automatic door opener release device at the set temperature, and can be flexible Installed in any location, easy to install. When needed, you can also manually start the device.

    Of course, in addition to its own adjustment function, the door opener can also be used in conjunction with the roll door shaft. The roll door in many places has a fireproof effect, and through the matching function of the temperature control device of the door opener, when any failure occurs in the motor shaft, Both can be quickly alerted. Moreover, in special cases, manual operation can also be used to greatly enhance its practicability.