What Should I Do If The Fast Rolling Door Control System Fails?

What Should I Do If The Fast Rolling Door Control System Fails?

Date:Nov 23, 2018

Fast shutter doors are used in many factories, and the use of such industrial doors can provide fire and security protection. However, such doors are generally for people or vehicles to enter and exit, so the opening and closing is very frequent. Therefore, there are some problems with long-term use opportunities, such as control failure. What is the failure of the fast rolling door control? What caused the above? Is there any way to solve it? Let's take a look at the introduction below.

For the above mentioned problems, we will answer them one by one:

In general, long-term use of fast rolling doors, the main reasons for the failure of control may be the following:

1. The contact point of the relay of this industrial door is stuck, and we need to replace the relay.

2. The stroke of the fast rolling door is micro-motion, the switch is disabled or the piece is deformed. If this is the case, you will need to replace the microswitch or contact.

3. The looseness of the backing plate screw of such a door may easily lead to the displacement of the backing plate. In this case, it is only necessary to fix the slider screw and reset the plate.

4. The slider or nut of such an industrial door cannot move as the screw rotates. This may be the need for lubrication or other solutions.

5. The stop gear of the fast rolling door is damaged. If this happens, then the limiter drive gear needs to be replaced.

6. The up and down keys of the quick shutter door opening and closing are stuck. This is simple, the button will be replaced if the button is broken.

Now we have some questions about the possible failures of the control of industrial fast rolling doors and related solutions. We will learn more about the failure of this industrial door and related solutions. We will continue to understand later.

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