What Should We Do If The Automatic Induction Door Is Noisy?

What Should We Do If The Automatic Induction Door Is Noisy?

Date:Nov 13, 2018

Because of its many advantages, the automatic sensing door is widely used in various industries, which provides great convenience for people's lives. However, in the process of using, there will always be such problems, if they will not handle it. It will bring a lot of trouble.

1. If, during walking, the door of the automatic induction door is opened, a very loud sound is emitted. First of all, it is necessary to see if there is a problem with the hardware spreader of the automatic induction door. Check if there is any loose connection. Phenomenon, if any, can be re-reinforced in time. This is relatively simple.

2. Look at the spreader pulley of the door leaf for any abnormality. Usually, the spreader pulley of the automatic sensing door will have some wear and tear due to long-term use. If it is only slightly worn, it is relatively simple to handle, and the pulley and the track can be cleaned once and then the track is placed. Dust is cleaned, of course, it can also give a little oil to the bearing of the pulley, but when lubricating the oil, do not add lubricating oil to the surface of the pulley and track of the automatic induction door, so that it is easy to adhere to certain dust, thus aggravating Damage, in addition, will also cause the pulley to slip.

 3. Look at the ground wheel at the bottom of the door leaf. If the ground wheel under the automatic sensor door is damaged or loose, it is easy to have a very loud sound. If there is such a situation, it should be processed immediately. The treatment method is to reinforce the ground wheel or replace it with a new one. Ground wheel.

 In the process of using the automatic sensing door, if it is not operated properly, or because it is used for a long time, some troubles will inevitably occur. For some simple faults, you can handle it yourself. If the fault is complicated, you can't find the reason. If necessary, let the professional automatic sensor door maintenance personnel to repair, in order to restore the equipment to normal operation as soon as possible.

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