Why The Fingerprint Anti-theft Lock Becomes The Trend Of Home Intelligence

Why The Fingerprint Anti-theft Lock Becomes The Trend Of Home Intelligence

Date:Jul 22, 2019

The development of science and technology has always been to provide better services for human beings. The fingerprint anti-theft lock has the convenience of not carrying the key, and the security of each person's fingerprint characteristics is different. The fingerprint is carried around, easy to use, and does not cause security risks and unnecessary troubles due to loss and forgetting.


  Fingerprint anti-theft lock


    It’s really different to install a fingerprint smart lock. If you go out empty-handed, you are not afraid. Forget the big deal, take it home, take a look at the finger, and lick the key, even if the finger is worn, you can unlock it with a password. Now advocate this concept of light life, it is really not blowing, nothing to worry about, go out, light and younger.


    Before buying a fingerprint anti-theft lock, first understand the working principle of the fingerprint anti-theft lock. In fact, the essence of the fingerprint anti-theft lock is a mechanical lock, but the motor is controlled by a built-in electronic program. After the motor receives the command, it will rotate and then open the mechanical lock. For example, the basic lock of august, the lock core does not change, just install a motor in the door, use the motor to turn the lock shaft, and then connect the mobile phone and the fingerprint anti-theft lock, you can control the door to close at any time. A more functional fingerprint anti-theft lock, you can use the password / fingerprint / mobile phone / ic card, etc. to open the door lock from the outside of the door, which is the lock handle of the lock, there is a built-in microcontroller, if the external command matches the built-in code The electromagnetic actuator will accept the drive command to open the door:


    Therefore, the small partners, the fingerprint anti-theft locks are all bought by the home, the disassembly screws can be changed, because the principle is really simple. I asked a familiar lock master, in the end is the mechanical lock or the anti-theft function of the fingerprint anti-theft lock, he replied, "No lock is completely anti-theft, as long as the lock can be opened, the bank vault is no problem." I was shocked at the time, this master is arrogant! Although no locks are completely burglarproof, there are still some criteria for judging good locks.


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