Wood Door Recognition Method

- Nov 12, 2018-

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, people are still in love with wooden doors in the face of the endless market of new materials. Because wood not only has a strong adsorption of ultraviolet light, but also can scatter light, reduce eye fatigue and damage, wood processing is also relatively easy, which is why wood is favored by us.

That being said, it is really difficult for us to choose genuine wood. Today, the wood purchase of solid wood garage doors is concentrated on black walnut, cherry wood and other varieties. Some manufacturers will use some low-grade wood to pretend to be of good quality wood by dyeing. To obtain illegal profits. So how should I identify the wood of my solid wood garage door? Here are some simple identification methods.

Black walnut and cherry wood have a messy mountain-like texture. Nowadays, oak, ash, and ash-filled black walnut are used on the market, and they are pretending to be cherry wood with southwest birch; teak is made with technology wood, but technology wood There is no oiliness of teak, maple is light yellow and has a hill pattern. The biggest feature is that the local luster is obvious. It belongs to the mid-range wood. When we recognize the characteristics at the time of purchase, it is not difficult to identify the quality.

How to choose the wood of the solid wood garage door?

The color of most woods is concentrated in the soft warm color centered on orange; the lignin, one of the main chemical components of wood, has a strong absorption of ultraviolet light, and the fine unevenness of the surface of the wood can scatter light and reduce Eye fatigue and damage. The wood is moderately soft and soft, with a warm touch, good acoustic properties, temperature control, humidity control, etc., and wood processing is easy. All kinds of advantages make wood the most human-friendly wooden door material. Even in the rapid development of science and technology, new materials are emerging one after another, people still have a soft spot for wooden doors.

Solid wood doors can be divided into two types according to the materials used: wood materials and laminated materials. Log materials: fir, pine, walnut, eucalyptus, peach core, sapele, red-winged wood, rosewood, mahogany, etc.

Of course, the selection of solid wood doors is also very elegant, generally by some precious tree species with many excellent characteristics, such as teak, rosewood, black walnut, etc. This kind of wood cherishes all the carving process is also very meticulous and exquisite.

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Wood identification

Nowadays, the consumption hotspots of high-grade wooden doors in the market are concentrated in black walnut, teak, cherry, maple, eucalyptus and other varieties. Due to the high price of solid wood materials, some manufacturers choose some low-grade wood with similar texture to pass dyeing. The trick is to pretend to be high-end wood to deceive consumers. The following is a brief introduction to consumers about some simple ways to identify wood.

Black walnut

1. Black walnut and cherry wood have a messy mountain-like texture, and cherry wood will have some black resin lines irregularly on the texture. Nowadays, oak and ash ash are used to dye black walnut in the market; southwest birch (south birch without black resin line) is used to dye the cherry wood; the technical wood (paper) is used to pretend teak, but the technical wood has no teak. Oily.

2, maple color is light yellow, with a hill pattern, the biggest feature is the shadow (partial luster is obvious), belonging to the mid-range wood.

3, the color of the eucalyptus is bright and light yellow, there are dense wood ray, the imported eucalyptus is less, much better than the domestic one. The imported eucalyptus is medium-to-high-grade wood in China. Consumers should pay special attention to the selection of these kinds of wood. They should choose the big factory brands that have the strength and strength to process and produce. These brands are real and craftsmanship. The moisture content of wood can be controlled at around 10%. . For consumers, you can check whether the brand is a national registered trademark (with a trademark after the trademark), whether there is a factory authorization certificate, and observe the factory's technological level through the fineness of the product itself.