Unidirectional microwave sensor

Unidirectional microwave sensor

Product application: As an sensor, it is s uitable for various automatic doors . It has high sensitivity, fast and accurate response, excellent a void distracting by m icrowave penetration . It is fully applied in commercial, industrial ,and other a reas with high requirements for automatic...


*Using Intelligently detection control line,greatly increase the sensitivity and stability of sensing detection.

*X-Y axis flexible antenna adjustment mode ,ensures accurate area sensing adjustment.

*The microwave sensor module imported from Germany of 24.125 GHz will be not affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, and it has good and reliable work performance.

Technical parameters:


Microwave and Microwave Processors

Transmission frequency


Transmit power

<20dbm E1RP

Transmission frequency density


Maximum installation height

4000mm 5000mm can be customized

Installation inclination

0° to 90°(longitudinal) -30° to +30° (horizontal)



Physical dimension


Dynamic current


Quiescent Current


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