Active Infrared Sensor

Active Infrared Sensor

This product is an active infrared sensor. Applied Japan's imports of infrared transceiving optical tube sensing range adjustment is flexible and convenient, distance control is accurate. Strong anti-interference ability and high sensitivity, very low mis operation, can be matched with various automatic doors as a sensor conveniently, especially for narrow entrance space or street with many walking people.


* Excellent appearance,precise optical lens, advanced technology and sophisticated adjustment device.

* Advanced background analysis techniques, ability to learn and analyze background automatically in the initial state of the boot.

* By switch combination, the sensing range can be adjusted according to different door width.

* By adjusting the subject and side range flaps, then select setting switch according sensitivity, precise distance adjustment of the front sensing distance can be achieved.

Technical parameter:

Beam quantity

Six-way transmission, six-way reception


Detecting moving objects, sensing activation

Maximum installation height


Sensitivity adjustment function

Knob adjustment


AC/ DC 12-36V±5%

Dynamic current

110mA (DC 12V)

Quiescent Current

68mA (DC 12V)

Sensing area





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