Autodoor Remote Controller

Autodoor Remote Controller

This Autodoor remote controller is a self-learning code type, and the remote control code must be learned from the controller before use. You only need to learn the same code once. Different codes can be automatically generated, and four control states such as normal entry and exit, one-way passage, fully open and ready to release, and full lock at night can be realized through the remote control.

Autodoor remote controller   2014.603



1. Using self-learning to code, it is convenient for customers to add remote control handles at any time.

The humanized design of the four-button remote control can easily switch between the four working states of the automatic door.

2. There will be an audible indication when the remote control is switched, and the red light will turn green at the same time, you can confirm whether the switch is effective.

Technical data


Input power


Static power consumption


Action current

85mA (excluding electric lock current)

Professional device

built-in breakthrough receiver

Transmitting and receiving mode

 2.4G learning code

Maximum allowable electric lock current


Remote control distance


Remote control battery life

6-8 months

Ambient temperature


Working environment humidity

10-90% RH

Appearance size


2014.603 -SIZE

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