Automatic Door Lock

Automatic Door Lock

This product is mainly used in restaurants, KTV rooms, offices and various special rooms and other occasions, open the door inside and outside induction (hands) to, on the inside, anti-locking function can be come ture through the long induction 3S to achieve

Overall characteristics:

►Using 86 panel surface mounted design, full panel and no dead angle press method.

► The panel uses laser engraving technology, with backlight display, it looks fashionable and stylish.

►There is one panel on both inside and outside, Inner and outer panels can be pluged in each other, so it is easy and convenient to install

► It has sensing and pressing two trigger modes.

Technical parameters:

Operating Voltage

AC/ DC 12~24V

Stand-by current


Working current


Sensing distance

1-20cm adjustable

Infrared modulation unlock rate


Panel size




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