Automatic Pushbutton Switch

Automatic Pushbutton Switch

The wired push button switch for handicapped uses large-capacity output and can be used in conjunction with automatic doors, electric locks and access controllers. The four-point push trigger design ensures that the hand press is effective. It brings many conveniences to the disabled.

Wired push button switch for handicapped

Art.No 2021.509



The four-point push trigger design.

This Disabled pushbutton switch uses large-capacity output.

With voice indicator function, the power indicator turns green, the operation is effective.

When user have trouble and can not operate the call panel, start EMERGENCY function, door open forcibly by outsider.

Start the Lock function to lock the system, when the staff after work, so that the door is in a safety closure state, to stop the use of external.

Technical data


Power supply

3V (two 1.5V dry batteries)

Emission current:


Battery life

more than 20000 times

Launch distance

more than 30 meters

Ambient temperature

-42C- 45°C

Working humidity

10- 90%RH


Power supply


Standby current

30mA (DC12V power supply)

Action current

74mA (DC12V power supply)

Main contact capacity

3A 30VDC


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