Hand Sensor Switch For Disabled

Hand Sensor Switch For Disabled

Overall characteristics: ►Imitation brushed stainless steel panel design, both side have text and lamp display. ►Pull out the keys in three stalls, you can choose normal access, emergency strong opening and closing lock. ►With HD voice (English, Chinese, Korean optional). ►Below the switch button there are standard braille contacts.

Product application:

As a special opening and closing switch for automatic doors ,it is suitable for installation in disabled toilets automatic doors or building floors bathroom. it can be installed in the entrance and interior of toilets. The automatic door can be control to three states by metal keys: normal automatic access, emergency strong open and close the lock. The inside and outside touch panel has text and voice reminders in various states.

Technical parameter:

Input voltage

AC/DC 12-36V

Quiescent Current

52mA (DC 12V)

Working current

140mA (DC 12V)


English, Chinese, Korean (customizable)


relay dry contact

Closing delay

5s, 15s, 15m, manual

Panel size


Main controller size




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