Infrared start sensor EN16005

Infrared start sensor EN16005

This IR motion and presence sensor integrates start-up and anti-pinch into one, and is used in the opening and safety protection functions of sliding doors. Infrared induction is used for startup and anti-pinch, which can effectively and relatively accurately control the induction range.

Infrared start and presence sensor EN16005    2053.507EN



Infrared anti-clamping adopts background self-learning function, automatically learns the background state when booting, and automatically adapts to various scenes intelligently.

It can automatically and accurately compensate the background time in real-time, and can self-correct due to changes in various external factors to ensure the long-term and reliable operation of the detector.

Accessory for all kinds of automatic doors. High-sensitivity, quick and accurate response. Specially apply in commercial, industrial and demanding of automatic access area.


Technical data


Input power




Background Updated

15S, 1M, 30M, third gear optional

Light source

infrared 940NM


1 way anti-pinch, 3 launches, 12 light spots

3-way start, 9 launch, 36 light spots

Max detection area

2400 (W) ×1500(D) mm

Output holding time

0.5S for anti-pinch, 2S for start

Response time


Background Updated

15S.1M.30M third gear optional

Operation display

The green LED is on during standby, and the yellow LED is on during startup, anti-pinch signal is red


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