Mini Microwave Sensor

Mini Microwave Sensor

This is a unidirectional induction microwave, which only senses objects close to it, and will automatically shield away from the signal. This sensor is mainly used to start escalators. It adopts intelligently optimized detection control circuit, which greatly improves the accuracy and stability of induction.

Art. No 2053.204M     Mini microwave sensor



It can effectively avoid the door self-inductance and the phenomenon of opening due to long-distance operation.

Compact appearance design, adjustable up and down, left and right angles, more flexible installation.

The intelligent optimized detection control circuit greatly improves the accuracy and stability of induction.

The unidirectional motion microwave sensor is designed to detect short distance signals and automatically shield away signals, which is very suitable for applications such as fast doors.


Technical data


Power supply

12V to 24V Dc±10% (50-60Hz)


Microwave and microwave processor

Transmit frequency


Max installation height


Installation inclination

0-170°(longitudinal) 360°(horizontal)

Detection mode

One-way movement

Min detection speed

5cm/s (along the longitudinal axis of the sensor)

Hold time

0.5 s

Wire length


Ambient temperature

-20℃ to +55℃

Shell material 

ABS plastic

Shell color


Product dimensions

71mm (L) x60mm (W) x50mm (H)


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