Presence Infrared Sensor

Presence Infrared Sensor

1. Integral cover design, beautiful rainproof, dustproof, convenient to fix, simple wiring 2. This equipment set is activated, anti-slip in one, applied to the opening and safety protection functions of conventional sliding door, folding door and curved door. 3. The activation function is performed by the microwave technology, while the detection is performed using the active infrared screen.

* Infrared anti-pinch adopts intelligent background self-learning function, booting self-starting learning background state, intelligent automatic use of various scenes.

* Automatic real-time background for time fluttering for real-time accurate compensation, can be changed due to various external factors.

* Microwave technology, using the German imported 24.125GHz microwave sensing module, is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, and the working performance is extremely reliable.



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