PET Electronic Identifier

PET Electronic Identifier

This pet electronic identifier adopts a waterproof design and is small in size. It can be hung on a pet. The door can be opened by intelligent induction, which is convenient for pets to enter and exit, which reduces a lot of trouble for people.

PET Electronic identifier  2014.503


With low power consumption design, battery life is longer.

The door can be opened by intelligent induction.

It adopts waterproof design and is small in size.

Using dual-frequency wireless signal control (125KHZ and 2.4GHZ).


Technical data


Power supply (identifier)

AC/DC 12-30V

Standby current (identifier)


Action current (identifier)


Output contact capacity

1A 24VDC

Receiving sensitivity


Power supply (label)

3V(CR2032 battery)

Standby current (label)


Emission current (label)


Transmission distance

3 gears can be set (1;3;5 meters)

Battery life

50 times a day on average, 400 days of durability

Dimensions (label)

46mm (L x46mm (W) x 11mm (H)

Dimensions (identifier)

108mm (L) x60mm (W) x 17mm (H)


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