Photocell, Light Barrier

Photocell, Light Barrier

This photocell, light barrier is widely used in the auxiliary function of automatic door safety and anti-pinch (person or object), which can be accurately and reliably detected. The automatic door is provided with a door opening signal through people or objects, so as to avoid potential safety hazards in the automatic door.

Photocell, light barrier   2063.108A



Equipped with the receiving head short-circuit fault alarm function.

It adopts plug-in sockets corresponding to the colors, and the wiring is simple, convenient and accurate.

Single beam and double beam can be selected by themselves, and the distance can be flexibly selected.


Technical data


Input voltage

AC/DC 12-30V(-/+ 10%)

Contact output status

normally open and normally closed can be dialed

Output capacity

contact 1A/24VDC

Maximum sending and receiving distance


Receiving wire

(black) 5.5 meters

Number of beams

single beam or double beam optional

Optical eye size

18.24 (L)x15 (medium) mm

Dynamic current

58mA (DC12V power supply)

Quiescent current

23mA (DC 12V power supply)

Controller size

110 (L)x50 (W)x24.8(H)mm

Optical eye size

19 (L)x13 (D) mm


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