Revolving Door Scan

Revolving Door Scan

Product application: It can be used to accurately detect the moving or fixed body or object, to avoid variuos of rotating automatic door or swing automatic door hitting human body or objects , to ensure personal and equipment safety, and it widely used in automatic revolving door anti-collision occasions.

Overall characteristics:

It has exquisite design, stylish and simple appearance, and the installation is very convenient.

Detecting height and sensing range can be flexibly adjusted to the right place by adjusting wheel and locking screw with out special tools.

The system is highly stable in operation ,it has a background and noise filtering system,so that will be not affected by the environment (such as sunshine, snowfall, rain, etc.).

* The detection angle of the scan can be precisely adjusted by the mounting bracket.


Technical parameter:

Input voltage

AC/DC 12~30V(-/+10%)

Working current


Quiescent Current


Detection zone diameter

about 75mm spot

Optical module

2 sets (750mm, 900mm in length) 3 sets   (length 1200mm)

Operation mode

mobile or stationary mode adaptation

Operating mode

background suppression

Scanning range

mechanical adjustment 1500~2500mm

Appearance size





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