Safedoor Infrared Starting And Presence Sensor

Safedoor Infrared Starting And Presence Sensor

This infrared starting and presence sensor SDOA-4700 has a unique technology and also provides a larger motion sensing area. Its wide range of sensing function provides fast sensing, including large trucks approaching from any angle. Also, it provides maximum security for industrial gate areas.

Infrared starting and presence sensor



1. Unique technology and high security.

2. Motion sensing function, wide range of sensing.

3. Easy to adjust, the installation time can be greatly reduced by using the setting switch, so the sensor can be quickly adjusted in various applications.

4. It can be set very accurately, as long as the person or object is in or near the door area, even if it is stationary or temporarily stopped, the door can be kept open.

Technical data



Power supply

AC/DC12-24 V(50/60Hz)


Silver / Black

Install height (max)


Detection mode

Active infrared reflection,full area stationary detection

Power dissipation

2.5W /4.0VA

Indicator light

Green light: standby;

red light: 1 column detection;

orange light: 2-5 columns detection.


Output 1(N.C/N.O)  No voltage50V 0.3A

Input 2(N.C/N.O)    No voltage50V 0.3A

Stationary detection time


Output holding time

0.5 s

Ambient temperature





4m cable x 1pc,

installation drawings x 1pc,

mounting screws x 2pc,

operation manual x 1pc,

area adjustment tool x 1pc.


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