Wireless Sensor Switch

Wireless Sensor Switch

Product application: This product is a self-learning code type. The mat coding must be learned into the controller before we use it. (Up to 8 mats switch can be learned). Learning method: Press the learning key, the indicator light is green, then enter the learning state. At this time, you must press the learning button on the launch pad on the mat. The green light flashes twice is prove that learn is successful. After 10 seconds, it will exits automatically and returns to standby. Deletion method: Press and hold the learning button for 5 seconds, and the green light will flicker ,then delete all the codes. (This product does not have single deletion function).




Overall characteristics:
1.Small and exquisite shell, easy to install in various automatic door guides.
2.The learning type code method makes installation or matching more convenient.
3.Wide voltage input design, AC and DC voltage.
4.12-30DC DC voltage relay signal output.
5.Built-in indicator light to help you know the working status of the receiver.
6.Try not to install it between the automatic door motor and the controller to avoid receiving signals interfered.


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